Are you a douche bag on the internet?

Hear No EvilThe day Margaret Thatcher died, my Facebook feed unfurled itself in a strange slurry of hateful glee. Post after post celebrating the passing of the former PM projectiled out of my friends’ fingers and, while I understood the possible reasons one might have for loathing Maggie, I began to feel increasingly uneasy. However you dress it up, I just can’t get on board with rejoicing a human being’s death – however shite that human may be.

Or, as a friend more eloquently put it; “you don’t have to have any respect for a person to abhor the celebration of that person’s death”. Continue reading

13 Amazing ways to waste time

Cat Bounce

Being paid to sit in front of a computer is dangerous. The internet and all its time-wasting properties are RIGHT THERE.

Idling is an important part of everyone’s day – it allows you to reset your brain. It allows you to undertake useless activity. It allows you to put off whichever shit job you are avoiding.

After being reminded of an awesomely pointless website this morning via Kal Lavelle, I got to thinking about my favourite places to idle. So I made a list. With pictures. Instead of working. Continue reading

Fat is a furious issue

David Shrigley

I had an appointment with a nurse with regards to a pre-existing condition I have. After the usual poking, prodding and inappropriate behaviour (she once told me, before a smear test, to lie back and think of England), we got to the dreaded weigh-in.

“You’re well over the optimum weight Annette. Time to start eating better and get that body moving!”

I am not a small human. When pressed to describe my physicality, people are likely to say:

“She’s not fat, exactly. Just big. Big-boned. Sturdy, yes. Pretty face though. For a big girl.”

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Verbarian genocide

EditorDepending on what career path you have chosen to pursue, you will inevitably stumble upon a facet of your job that you hate. For me, this is dealing with egotistical asshats who submit their work for editing, only to complain that their work has been edited. It is a simple concept that underlines this issue: if you cannot deal with criticism, don’t ask for someone to be critical of your work.

Writers and aspiring writers should expect to be edited. They should expect to have their work handed back to them resembling a cadaver, blood-spattered with corrections. It is what makes us better writers. It is what drives us to hone our craft. When submitting articles or reviews to an editor, blog, website, newspaper, creative director etc. not for one second do we think  our work will go straight to print. Even the most seasoned writers have their work tampered with; at best constructive criticism is to be celebrated and appreciated, at worst to be expected and heeded.

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